3d Printer Check X Axis Invert Stl

3d Printer Check X Axis Invert Stl

  1. Any 1 accept any experience making molds From an .stl file or .obj file. whats the all-time way to become about it . or all-time software.


  2. Hi,
    I may not completely understand your question, because one time yous have the stl or obj it means that you already take the models washed so you just have to impress them and make molds from those prints, but if yous would similar to print directly the molds I would commander y’all to use zbrush, isn’t quite that simple but it gives dandy results, and it lets you easily create molds one time you accept your molds done by using a single tool to carve models out from molds.
    And you can also find out more well-nigh zbrush , 3d press and molds from these guys

    I hope I could provide only a petty bit to help.
    Thank you.

  3. Thank yous for your respond

    I want to make a reversea mold for a bust i created with Zbrush (love the program for graphic symbol cosmos) that i desire to fill up with silicone . then basically i want to make a reverse erstwhile from a .obj file or .stl file or if i could do it with zbrush that would be awesome!!

    I found this

    https://web log.pinshape.com/how-to-generate-a-3d-printed-mold- for-an-object/

    merely. openscad gave me an error message i do not empathize (yes i googled the message to no avail).

    Any direction would be appreciated

    thanks again

  4. but if yous’re already using zbrush why don’t you use dynamesh tool to carve out the bosom from a box ,then split up he box into two different groups close the holes from geometry / modify topology/ close holes and take care to leave spaces to cascade silicone likewise you should place pins to be able to put together the two half’s of the mold you’re good to go.
    I can’t detect an tutorial addressing the exact trouble you lot need to solve but this is a great one to help with dynamesh in case yous’re not familiar with that

  5. I accept tried to see if i could go the molds from a ship i’m working on here is the result


    I take washed nigh what i have described in the previous message and I retrieve it could be refined and get absurd detailed molds,
  6. Thank you for your time and respond ill check into doing it with dynamesh . zbrush is so powerful,you never know what it can do till you lot try..

    thanks again really

  7. You lot meliorate do it traditional fashion. The mold printed at Shapeways volition state at very big price.

    Print a model -> practise a cast in rubber -> practise a cast in wax / resin out of it , it is the cheapest style to go.

    If you actually need to make a mold and utilize your printer to print it and so y’all can exercise a boolean substract operation -> figurine inside a cube -> cut the cube with a plane in half after 2 times (if the model is non symmetric) and add together the vents for the cast material.

    It tin can exist done in Blender 3D or MeshMixer.

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    Sep twenty, 2015

  8. I have a like problem. I’ve used Shapeways to produce prototypes of potential products, but for selling them the expense and turn around time of Shapeways is prohibitive. Therefore, I’m wanting to inexpensively create contrary molds from my model files for plastic injection molding mass production. How can I do that?
  9. Plastic injection is very expensive because the molds are very expensive to brand. At that place are extream pressures involved with plastic injection molding so the molds need to exist CNC machined from steel. CNC machining has always been very expensive to exercise. If you are in a money no object situation you can await in the
    Thomas Register
    to find a manufacturer that does plastic injection production.

    In that location is low volume plastic injection molding bachelor too you tin can search for that have lower startup costs.

    What practise your products expect like? Are they small? If modest you tin can go them spin cast in a number of materials at reasonable costs

    When talking about molds yous tin can brand yourself, checkout Smoothen-On, in particular, their
    tutorials department. In that location are all kinds of means to brand your own molds using Smooth-On products.

    If your question is about the 3D modeling aspect
    explanation from years ago using Zbrush is one way, merely traditionally solid modeling software is used, software like SpaceClaim, Solidworks, Solidedge. This kind of software lets 1 hands design in draft angles in the walls of your mold that allow the ejection of a rigid part.

  10. I just sent you a bulletin
    almost how I could help you. In my experience, if you lot have a mill, you send them a file and they worry about making the tooling.
  11. I’ve only just started to think about higher book production and have simply inquired with a couple of places, but they wouldn’t even be able to use the files generated from Zbrush. I’d need to reverse engineer them with “traditional” modeling software to get files they could use to CNC the molds as your describing. Which when information technology comes to textures, micro details, etc. I wouldn’t know how that’due south possible??
    (granted my modeling skills/cognition are pretty basic)

    Anyway, all of those “highly textured” action figures in the toy isles accept to come from somewhere! But I can’t seem to discover anyplace at least in the U.S. where this is done. (granted I’ve only only started looking, but I experience similar I’yard searching for something that “subconscious”??
    doesn’t exist?)

    This vid shows exactly the workflow I’m looking for. I would assume something very similar has to be washed for most detailed/textured toys and action figures. Anyone have any ideas?

    Actually, Shapeways should partner with, or start this kind of mid level volume production service so that their 3D print customers could easily “period” into higher volume and nonetheless go on their business…?


  12. Based on what I’ve seen since Shapeways first opened its doors in the very get-go, Shapeways is an extremely conservative and extremely cautious company. I feel Shapeways will never venture into this area just it’s a very good suggestion. If I were running Shapeways I would become into injection molding immediately.

    Look in the Thomas Register for injection molding companies. Those that cannot take your STL file you should ignore because they are incompetent.

  13. Or they but offer hard tooling (for large qtys) and thus require ‘solid’ model formats that allow for draft angle assay, digitally derived departing lines, volume, shrink and flow characteristic etc. Zinc can be poured into vulcanized rubber molds and even aluminum is considered soft compared to A2 Tool Steel (57-62 HRC).

    I have local guy that can do investment castings in Zinc and Pewter. Many 3D print shops offer express production runs in vinyl and resins consummate with finishing and sometimes fifty-fifty lodge fulfillment capabilities. -S

  14. STL can be converted to solid if it doesn’t have millions of facets comprising a lot of texture. SpaceClaim does it in one mouse click. If I’one thousand looking for an injection molding manufacturer to make a mold for my highly detailed Zbrush sculpt and they tell me I need a solid model I’m going to write them off as incompetent and look for someone that has more diverse capabilities.

    Yep, proficient point, Stiingya be sure to await into spin casting. Much much cheaper to make a rubber spin bandage mold.

    The dinosaur in the video, though it was made by casting the mold in zinc alloy, in that location is still a lot of expensive machining that needs to exist done to in steel to back information technology upward, provide cooling, and mate it up with the injection molding automobile.

  15. Cheers for the replies. Shea/Universe you are both very talented and knowledgeable! The first three places I looked wouldn’t take the .STL so I thought it was common. I’ll go on looking, thank you for the suggestions!!!

    Much appreciated…

  16. The problem with mesh to nurbs is generating 1000 lawmaking from that mess. Every bit a designer I’m hooked on investment casting so I don’t accept to consider undercuts and mold release etc. -Cheers and cheers for the positive remarks
  17. @edwardoo22edward, yous quoted me but it appears your question or comment didn’t come through. Tin you tell us or ask us again?

3d Printer Check X Axis Invert Stl

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