3d Printer Anycubic 4max 3d Printer Formax Um2

3d Printer Anycubic 4max 3d Printer Formax Um2

New upgrade,tiptop choice for piece of work and home employ

4Max Pro 2.0

The Anycubic 4Max Pro 2.0 offers improved internal stability, a new extruder, double graphite bearings for college printing accuracy, lower noise levels and a number of other pattern and blueprint improvements that make working with this 3D printer even more than pleasant and successful.

3d Printer Anycubic 4max 3d Printer Formax Um2

Integrated Sheet Metal Structure

The Anycubic 4Max Pro 2.0 adopts the metal sail box frame, which has the advantages of stability, weight ratio, high precision of movement, installation of the anti-shock pad, this finer reduces vibration in the press process and enhances printing stability and reliability.

Silent Stepper Drivers

  • Ultra-quiet TMC2208 stepper drivers significantly reduces dissonance while printing (< 50 dB).



Air filtration

The airtight design dampens non only noise simply the smell of heated filament. For the ultimate solution to the aroma trouble, the Anycubic 4Max Pro 2.0 has a charcoal filter in front of the exhaust fan.

Dual gear extruder

The dual gear extruder has been optimised so that your filament is transported even better. In addition, information technology is fifty-fifty possible to procedure flexible filaments such as TPU.



4Max Pro 2.0

Upgraded fan

After dynamic residue correction, the fan blade can reduce the vibration of the press head and improve the printing stability

Z-axis double graphite bearing

reduces the lag and improves the printing accurateness

3.5-inch intuitive bear upon screen

Smart touch screen is fast, responsive and like shooting fish in a barrel to operate.

4Max Pro two.0

Technical Specifications

FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

270mm(L)×210(W) ×190mm(H)

Ten/Y/Z 0.01/0.0125/0.00125mm

twenty~150mm/s( suggested 50mm/due south)

Ambient Operating Temperature

Operational Extruder Temperature

Operational Print Bed Temperature

Cura, Simplify3D, Repetier-HOST

SD Card; USB cablevision(practiced users only)

110V/220V AC, fifty/60Hz 350W

4Max Pro 2.0


4Max Pro 2.0 Customer Reviews

548 v star reviews and counting

Well worth the purchase. Enclosed 3d printer, capable of press even 0.5M gears in PLA. Easy to set upwards, compatible with OctoPrint/Raspberry Pi, and really sturdy and complete with a surprising array of paw tools. Arrived very chop-chop. Enormous box, though, and the printer past necessity is not small and not light, and you demand access to the rear to change spools: and so make sure yous take the space for it!

Based on the initial tests, the package is good value for money. The included tool and maintenance ready was a positive surprise.

But Matter THAT MADE THIS 3D Printer Great for a BEGINNER….Is the motorcar setup & doing the 1st Test Print included on the machines firmware!!! After that it’s A VERY CHALLENGING PROCESS WITH A VERY STEEP LEARNING CURVE!!! For a ROOKIE-GREENHORN -Someone like me who knew ZERO almost anything to practice with 3D printing!!! & EVERY BUYERS OPINION & RATING is v??!!! After U learn the process of finding objects you lot would like to impress & then running them through a software that helps you turn your Absurd Model or Object into a file that can be placed on a Date Drive & inserted into the printer & MAGICALLY MAKE THE OBJECT IN A FEW HOURS!!! Be prepared for MANY HOURS OF LEARNING PROCESS…. Excellent MACHINE!!!

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First 3D Printer, had it out of the box and setup in no fourth dimension (peradventure 20 minutes) – instructions were great. Ran the start print – the lilliputian owl – turned out awesome. So far no bug at all – done a few prints (one that was 17 hours!) with no bug. Never had to phone call tech support, but gave five stars on support for the great setup instructions included.

My printer arrived in 6 days, very well packing and build quality. I started printing right after 10 mins mounting the filament sensor and bed leveling. Really satisfied with this printer. Since I have information technology “one week” is printing all days long. Isn’t and so noisy like others printers I had. I tin can go along information technology in my living room while press. Tried PLA, ABS and PETG and then far with nifty results. I definitely recommend 4 Max Pro 2.0

3d Printer Anycubic 4max 3d Printer Formax Um2

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