3cx Can’t Upgrade Firmware on Yealink T29g

3cx Can’t Upgrade Firmware on Yealink T29g

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Tin anyone help shine whatsoever calorie-free on this:

I’m trying to update Yealink T29G firmware from to merely I can’t get the firmware to update.

The telephone reboots, then goes to the welcome sceen – initialising ….. please wait.

Just it but comes back on every bit normal, without doing the bodily firmware update or attempting to from the looks of things.

I migrated from on prem to aws and switched to direct sip last night.

I’ve not moved all phones abroad from the on prem 3cx yet, just I was able to exercise firmware upgrades on the devices I’ve not migrated to the AWS server.

Just can’t seem to get the firmware update to kick off devices I’ve motion to the AWS server.

Hi Joe,

You can download the firmware from our website and attempt to use it manually to the telephone and see if you are successful but if local ones upgrade just fine, and so this might not be necessary at all..

If the issue is the AWS server, then you will need to practise some work in analyzing the traffic, and requires some wireshark noesis to see if the TLS connexion is declining somewhere (one possible reason that would prevent the upgrade). No session established = no firmware file downloaded = no upgrade.

A couple of questions

i. are you using your own custom FQDN and SSL certificates?

2. can the phones provision remotely off of the AWS-based PBX?

three. give us full details on your AWS organisation
https://world wide web.3cx.com/community/threads/data-to-provide-when-requesting-aid.67558/

I accept Discovered Auto Provisioning wasn’t working since my original post.

Even though my local server is running fine and able to update & provision etc, only i guess that wasn’t probably using the FQDN.

I’ve been doing a scrap of work on this, managed to get a PCAP of the yealink, followed a dissimilar thread somewhere to enable more detailed logging. I was using my own cert and FQDN, but noticed a cert error in the pcap, level: fatal unknown CA.

Not sure why information technology doesn’t like my cert as its used in other places and passes sslchecker fine. Just the yealink doesn’t like.

So I setup certbot on my windows server and got lets encrypt working. – not sure on the impact this will have when it renews. I think nginx needs restarted for this to work possibly and mayhap some other services i guess. I’ll cross that span when I demand to.

Auto provisioning now works, but firmware upgrades still didn’t work.
I was using a custom template – which was a re-create of yealink t29g template probably outdated.

When I delete and re-add the phones and used the proper template, firmware upgrades seem to work fine.
So I’m virtually there, still moving devices from onetime 3cx server to the new 1.

Best part near this is all soft phone clients continued to work and no one is in the office, and then enough of time for me to mess with this without disrupting anyone


Hello Joe,

I suspected this might have been the example, and this is why nosotros more often than not recommend to customers to use a 3CX FQDN since we have pre-tested the devices+firmware to contain the aforementioned SSL as the 1 we use, making everything seamless (including auto-renewal). LAN provisioning is plain HTTP so no certs were involved = no problem hither.

If a 3CX FQDN is not an option, so y’all volition indeed incur the extra work of manually managing the certs (and nginx restart) but if you are OK with this and then LE certs should work fine for y’all. The clients probably worked fine because the OS the clients run on (ie. Windows) probably already have the cert provider you had before, but phone manufacturers have limited ROM infinite so they will include a express list (which they publish in their documentation).

If you lot have the choice, consider using a 3CX FQDN equally it volition reduce the amount of admin you need, and hopefully too reduce any user complaints that may arise.

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3cx Can’t Upgrade Firmware on Yealink T29g

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