30-30-30 Reset on the Dd-wrt Firmware Router

30-30-30 Reset on the Dd-wrt Firmware Router

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Notation: for advanced users only!

Acting wrongly may render your router completely useless (“brick it”). Furthermore, the installation of DD-WRT on your router, may void the manufacturer’southward warranty.

Contents of this folio:

DD-WRT is not my first selection

one. Many routers are suitable for alternative firmware. In my feel, the all-time choice is
Lycopersicon esculentum or FreshTomato. With that, you accept a tremendous lot of tweaking possibilities, much more and so than with the standard firmware of your router.

Isn’t there a Lycopersicon esculentum / FreshTomato build bachelor for your router? Then you might consider DD-WRT. DD-WRT is, in my experience at least, non as good as Tomato and its offspring (often less stable, more bugs, less reliable, less easy to install), and then for me it’s definitely second choice.

But still, information technology’southward an option, and your mileage may vary. Furthermore, my experience is probably outdated: my last intensive examination of DD-WRT dates from 2011.

You can get DD-WRT


the information on the website of DD-WRT is unclear and confusing. That’due south why I’ve written this page.

Bandwidth limiting by QoS: rather (Fresh)Tomato than DD-WRT

2. When yous want to limit your bandwidth per user, by means of QoS, then
Tomato or FreshTomato is e’er the far better selection. Better than DD-WRT.

Especially on the matter of QoS, Lycopersicon esculentum / FreshTomato is both technically better and much easier to ready upward.

Router database

iii. You can use the
router database
in order to bank check if your router is fit for DD-WRT.

More than just Broadcom WiFi chipsets

4. A major reward of DD-WRT is, that (unlike Tomato / FreshTomato) it supports more than but Broadcom-based routers. Besides routers with Broadcom WiFi chipsets, it also supports routers with eastward.k. Atheros WiFi chipsets.

Installation takes an hour

5. The installation of DD-WRT is fourth dimension consuming and takes many steps, only isn’t hard to do. The only affair you need is precision. Do exactly what the how-to says, and don’t skip anything! The whole chore may last an hour.

2 versions needed

6. For a first-time installation you demand
versions of DD-WRT, namely the mini and the full version. This is because in nigh cases yous tin’t directly install the full version, because of lack of storage space in the router.

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Therefore, when first switching to DD-WRT, you need to install new firmware on the router
twice. Showtime the mini, and and so from the mini the full version.

The xxx-30-thirty reset

7. Some other important attribute is the and then-called
30-30-xxx reset.

The 30-30-thirty reset means that you keep the reset button on your router, pressed for at least 90 seconds. During those 90 seconds you perform several actions. More well-nigh that later.

Perform the 30-30-30 reset
earlier and afterward
each firmware change.

This is absolutely necessary for a faultless installation. Don’t skip information technology!

It may be easier to do with assistance from someone else, because yous need to keep the reset button pressed all the fourth dimension.


the post-obit router models may suffer harm when performing a 30/30/30 reset:
– Linksys WRT54GS v1.1
– Linksys WRT54GS v2
– Linksys WRT54GS v2.1

The installation of DD-WRT goes as follows:

The xviii installation steps


A. Full general cleanup and return to defaults

one. Turn on the router with the old firmware still in place. Employ a (temporary?)
ethernet cable
to connect the calculator that you wish to apply for this performance, to the router. Wireless connections aren’t suitable for this!

Also make sure that your wireless connexion with the router is disabled. It’southward very important that you perform the operation by means of a
wired connection, and also that in that location is no simultaneous wireless connection between your computer and the router.

2. Now press the reset button on the router and keep it pressed. Expect until at least xxx seconds have gone past. Don’t release the reset push button after that, but continue to keep it pressed!

3. Pull the ability cord from the router. Yous all the same keep the reset button pressed, and you wait again for at to the lowest degree 30 seconds. Don’t release the reset button after that, only continue to keep information technology pressed!

iv. Connect the ability cord again to the router, so that it powers up over again. You still go on the reset button pressed, and you wait again for at to the lowest degree xxx seconds.

5. Release the reset push. Now yous need to look for
at least
five minutes, until the NVRAM has rebuilt itself. Simply look! Continuing as well early may brick your router.

6. At present perform a “hard reboot”: pull the power string from the router, wait a total minute and reconnect the ability cord. Then expect at least iii minutes.

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7. In the configuration panel of your router, apply a “reset to factory defaults” (ordinarily called that way).

At this signal the firmware of your router has get completely clean and default: the NVRAM is entirely make clean.

B. Install the mini version of DD-WRT

8. Check whether the operating system on your computer still has connection with the router. If not, re-establish the connection (Linux: click the icon of Network Director in the arrangement tray – click
Auto eth0).

9. Now flash the router with the mini version of DD-WRT. That can be done from the configuration panel of your router; normally in the section Assistants or Advanced, where it’s usually called something like “Firmware Upgrade”.

10. Repeat the 30-30-30 reset (pace 2 to iv)

11. Release the reset push button. At present you need to wait for
at to the lowest degree
five minutes, until the NVRAM has rebuilt itself. Simply look! Standing too early may brick your router.

12. Now perform a “hard reboot”: pull the power string from the router, wait a total minute and reconnect the power cord. Then wait at least 3 minutes.

C. Install the full version of DD-WRT

13. Cheque whether the operating system on your computer still has connexion with the router. If non, re-plant the connectedness (Linux: click the icon of Network Manager in the system tray – click
Machine eth0).

Emergency measure out: establish connexion past ways of the terminal
Sometimes Network Manager can’t connect normally to the router anymore, afterwards replacing the firmware. In that example you can try the following:

a. Ignore Network Manager (if it’southward still trying to connect, click on Disable connection)

Apply the concluding command
in order to observe out how Linux calls your ethernet device (for example:

For an ethernet card called
enp4s0, yous type in the terminal (utilize copy/paste in order to avert typos):
sudo ifconfig enp4s0

Press Enter. Blazon your countersign when prompted; this’ll remain entirely invisible, non even dots will bear witness when you lot type it. That’s normal.

Now you should be able to access the configuration window of the router in your spider web browser, on 192.168.one.1

xiv. Now flash the router with the
version of DD-WRT, from the mini. The configuration panel of your router is at 192.168.i.1 (type this in the navigation panel of your web browser and press Enter); then become to the section Administration – Firmware Upgrade.

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fifteen. Echo the 30-30-30 reset (step 2 to iv)

sixteen. Release the reset push button. Now you need to expect for
at least
v minutes, until the NVRAM has rebuilt itself. Simply wait! Continuing too early on may brick your router.

17. Now perform a “hard reboot”: pull the power cord from the router, wait a total minute and reconnect the power cord. And then wait at least three minutes.

18. There is no next step. You’re done!

Upgrading an existing DD-WRT

9. When you already have DD-WRT on your router, you can skip the mini (part B of the instruction) and simply employ part A and then C.


10. The configuration panel of DD-WRT is at
(type this in the navigation panel of your web browser and press Enter). The default user name is
and the default password is
admin. You lot should change these right-away (don’t use spaces in names and passwords).

Tips for DD-WRT

11. a.
Relieve settings changes correctly:

after each and every settings change, kickoff click
and then
Apply Settings. Only then will the new setting exist stored and applied correctly.


for sure settings changes a further mensurate is needed as well: Click tab Administration – click the button “Reboot Router” (at the bottom of the page).


it may occur that afterwards clicking “Apply Settings”, your configuration console seems to quit. When that happens, simply reload the page, or type
in the navigation panel of your spider web browser and press Enter.

b. Make sure that
your wireless security is OK.

Don’t overdo information technology:
the optimal Tx Power is
not that high. In fact, the ideal Tx Power is the
value that still provides an adequate signal for you. Both because of security and of your health. For example: in my instance a value every bit low as 5, proved to exist quite adequate.

Go along your router lively and fast: schedule an automatic reboot. As follows:
Assistants – Keep Alive – Schedule Reboot.

Weekly is by and large sufficient; I myself accept scheduled my routers to reboot daily (at 03:00 AM).

Want more than tips for improving your wireless net?

12. Exercise you want more tips and tweaks for your wireless internet? You might notice these useful:

Amplify the wireless signal of your router

Apply a second router in your dwelling house

Reduce electromagnetic radiation of computing devices

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Creative Commons license.

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30-30-30 Reset on the Dd-wrt Firmware Router

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