10x Kedip Orange Ix 6560 Printer Canon

10x Kedip Orange Ix 6560 Printer Canon



  • Comparatively quick photograph print
  • Telescopic newspaper supports for small-scale footprint
  • 9,600dpi max resolution


  • No memory bill of fare slots or PictBridge
  • No LCD display
  • No wireless connection

Central Specifications

  • Review Price: £157.80
  • Prints pages upward to A3+
  • Uncomplicated cartridge replacement
  • Prints pages down to 15 x 10cm
  • 1pl minimum droplet size
  • Hard disk picture stills print applet

If y’all’re trying to print a big notice, a motivational poster or covers for an A4 document, an A4 printer just won’t do. Fortunately, there are an increasing number of A3 devices effectually and they needn’t cost the earth to buy. Canon’s PIXMA iX6550 is a full-bleed A3 device costing under £160 and is designed to exist quick with it.

However another printer finished off with a high-gloss black top, at least this ane has textured black around its sides, so there’southward one less surface to wipe free of fingerprints. Beingness a medium-format printer, the paper tray at the back and the output tray at the front increment the motorcar’southward footprint considerably, but since both are telescopic, yous don’t have to accept them fully extended when printing smaller sizes. The printer can accept paper down to 15 x 10cm and up to A3, with borderless printing all the way upward.
10x Kedip Orange Ix 6560 Printer Canon

The only physical controls are two silvered buttons on the front console for Power and Job Cancel. There are no memory card slots or PictBridge/USB socket, which seems odd. It e’er seems peculiar that a printer designed for larger paper, which will inevitably exist brought into homes and businesses where there’southward an increased interest in photographic images, should accept no direct access to those files.

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While appreciating that card slots as well demand an LCD brandish for image selection, a PictBridge socket costs very footling to implement and enables photos to be printed directly from a camera, using the camera’s monitor for selection.

Canon PIXMA iX6550 Controls

A single USB socket at the back is the but method of data connection and software, which is provided for Windows and OS Ten, doesn’t get much further than a commuter and Canon’s Easy-PhotoPrint and Solution Menu applets. The driver is well designed and capable of handling all the cardinal functions of the PIXMA iX6550.

Lift the top cover and the head carrier swings to the centre carriage position, and so you tin clip in the semi-permanent printhead and the five ink cartridges. These include ii blacks, one for text print on plain newspaper and the other for photograph black, to accentuate the darker greyscales in photo images.

Catechism claims speeds of xi.3ppm and 8.3ppm for black and colour ISO prints, respectively. Nether test, our five-page blackness text print took 37s, a speed of eight.1ppm, which increased to 9.3ppm for the xx-page certificate. The divergence between the 2 is largely downwardly to the fidgeting around the printer does before starting to impress. Information technology does quite a chip of this, which is excluded from the ISO tests, and it’due south worse when printing blackness text and colour graphics.

Canon PIXMA iX6550 cartridges

The best time nosotros saw on our v-page text and color test was 3.2ppm, but the longest print run in this test included a total 40s of ‘housekeeping’, before printing started. The printer doesn’t always take this long, merely it’s irritating when it does and you lot demand print in a hurry.

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Printing A3 doesn’t double the fourth dimension taken and our five-page A3 document completed in 2:37, or one.9ppm. Switching to photograph paper, a fifteen x 10cm print took just 52s, which is impressively quick since, every bit always, nosotros print in best quality way. An A3 print took 2:33, which is also fast – the printer appears to have been optimised for fast photo printing.

We are e’er impressed with Canon’south print quality and this machine produces adequately make clean blackness text, though with a hint of shadow to left or right of some characters. Draft manner text is calorie-free but all the same well-formed and very much what it says, ideally suited for internal documents where final print quality isn’t essential.

Canon PIXMA iX6550 Trays

Colour print is clean and areas of colour testify no signs of banding and little in the way of dither patterns. Photos come through with natural colours and good levels of detail in both light and dark areas of images.

There is only i fix of ink cartridges uniform with this machine and, even at Internet prices, they don’t come out that inexpensive, giving a price per A4 page of iii.7p for black and 8.9p for colour. While the colour toll is reasonable for this class of auto, the blackness print price is high, though of the same order as other Canon inkjets.


If you need larger impress on a regular basis, but accept express resources, Canon’due south PIXMA iX6550 is a good choice. It’southward print quality is up with other Canon inkjets and while its characteristic set up is basic, information technology prints reasonably chop-chop, particularly when producing photos, and is as at habitation printing smaller paper sizes as when you take it up to A3 .

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Canon PIXMA iX6550 - Feature Table

Canon PIXMA iX6550 - Speeds and Costs

Trusted Score

Score in detail

  • Print Speed

  • Features

  • Value

  • Impress Quality


Networking No
Card slot None
Connexion Type USB
Actress Features A3+ impress

Concrete Specifications

Height (Millimeter) 159mm
Width (Millimeter) 549mm
Depth (Millimeter) 299mm
Weight (Gram) 7.6g


Type Inkjet
Duplex No
Paper Size A3+
Color Yes
Number of Catridges 5
Sail Capacity 150
Print Resolution (Dots per inch) 9600dpi
Rated Black Speed (Images per minute) 11.3ipm
Rated Color Speed (Images per minute) 8.3ipm
Max Paper Weight 300
Impress Without PC No


Scanner No
Copier No
Fax No


Scan Resolution (Dots per inch) NAdpi

10x Kedip Orange Ix 6560 Printer Canon

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